An act for our times

In a time when we are all sadly reminded of the sometimes crass, limited and depressing nature of male sexuality and power, your act obliterates that line of thinking altogether. You remind us in an exhilarating and fun night that humanity also contains another side: the exciting, complex and wonderful female mode. That means creativity, spirit, wit, intelligence, silliness, likability, personal sexiness, power, formidable emotions, deep tenderness, deep friendships, etc. Wonderful wonderful. I think this show would be very successful if you took it on the road, in part because a lot of people these days need to lose themselves in some pure girl power and be reminded that all is not lost in the world. After all, femaleness hasn't really even been tried as civilizations's way forward--but here it is alive and well tonight, and it might yet have its day! I was blown away Sunday, and, even moved to tears at times! Kate Bush is one of my favorites, and I Ioved hearing her songs done so well. Your act brought them to life, added something self-aware, kitschy and funny at times, and also embodied and expanded on their magic. Such a special and unexpected night. Thank you! - Sarah


I recently discovered y'all on Instagram and I am in love! Thank you for putting together a band that totally encapsulates that feeling of belting Kate Bush's lyrics out at the top of your lungs in your car with the windows down, but you guys have better voices and better moves! - <3 <3 LK


I saw your video on Youtube and thought it looked really fun. I'm a huge KB and everyone's vocals were very impressive. I'm from Pennsylvania and was wondering if your guys are planning to do any shows on the east coast in the future. - Bobby


So glad to see an excellent Kate tribute band here in the states! - Kent


They cover Kate songs no one else would dare and pull it off with class, wit, skill and respect. Amazing band.

Love from Croquembush

Wonderful beautiful baby Bushka! Swoon!! The only way to truly do justice to the Mighty Kate is to have 8 of them - these women work! Hell they rock. Xx


I don't know how I didn't know about this before but I'm your biggest fan. - Angel


I have just discovered your show on YouTube : you are without any doubt the best kate bush tribute band so far !!! You are much more in fact... Please come and play in France !!!
All the best


Please, NYC must have you here! Y'all are amazing. - Arun


Hello Baby Bushka, I came to see you at the Casbah in San Diego last night (March 11, 2018), and what I saw and heard was incredibly refreshing and encouraging.  I left the venue with such an uplifting emotion going home. With that being said, I only wish the best possible success in your endeavor and musical adventure. You are so very skilled and talented. I am definitely putting the word out there! Sending you all a very big hug. I am looking forward to the next time catching you live. Keep it up, please! Cheers, Henry


Sorry, but Kate Bush is not coming to your town ā€” or any town...But you can get your fix with this wonderfully bewitching tribute troupe. Kooky, appropriately over-dramatic, but most of all with great respect, Baby Bushka delivers otherworldly versions with soprano trilling, extra-wide eyes and lush harmonies from the ethereal to the bombastic and back again. And arm movements. Lots and lots of arm movements. You will want to take your shoes off and throw them in a lake.


Performers, artists, singers , musicians wonderful humans from San Diego..thank you for blessing our new Jerusalem with your burning bush. It spoke to me like a manifestation of the Great and Good Kate, it sang it's message of sisterhood and creative talent from ocean to ocean . You captivated all of us ( apart from two love sick lesbians at the back but even they hushed to your song) , you brought smiles, laughter, tears and a certain nostalgia with your unique interpretations of a goddess songwriter. It's rare to see such a coherent, unique and dedicated bunch of artists but you surpassed all your old promises. I, we , the city thank you for your wonderful show..please come back and bless us all next year. Thank you each and every one..including dear dear Dark Bush who brought a tear to my eye with her beautiful rendition of that torch song...bless you all from the land of Elizabeth the First who would surely have graced you (if she was alive) Shakespeare's globe. You are now world troubadours. . and I want to follow you like a love sick Yorkshire terrier. woof.